What is a CRM and what advantages does it have?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a very powerful tool, and it has a positive impact on the companies that have it. It is a support system that helps you to manage clients, sales and marketing. This software can have a lot of functions to manage the sales and the company clients: automatization and sales promotion.

CRM has a lot of advantages, and it is proven. CRM can automate and manage commercial activities, so access to the clients and possible clients’ information is easier.

CRM: Advantages to increase sales

In many cases, the company managers have many difficulties making and organizing a tracking of the commercial activity to have control of what is happening with a client (or possible client), from the moment that the task is created to the moment that it is closed. For these cases and more, CRM is perfect because it allows you in a simple way to see this information and increase the sales

CRM allows you to answer quickly to important things, for example:

What commercial activities are we doing daily?

What calls or commercial meetings do we, my sellers or project managers have?

What were the results obtained from the visitors (or contacts) with current clients or possible clients?

In addition, CRM software has additional advantages as:

  • Knowing in detail what is happening in every part of the sales process.
  • Detecting real opportunities to close transactions.
  • Tracking the commercial activity quickly and clearly from only one place.
  • Having a detailed record of the relationship of each sales agent (or project manager) with their current clients or possible clients.
  • Continuously checking the sales agent (or PM) about the decisions that he/she should take to close sales in less time successfully.
  • Creating all kind of reports about the sales performance.
  • Checking the total and partial income of the company, among other benefits.  

CRM: Advantages for the Marketing and Advertising department

With a CRM program, you could create different campaigns, even marketing emails that are integrated with your ERP and with your database clients, possible clients and suppliers. You could also have control of the results achieved.

CRM advantages

It is important to mention the characteristics and advantages of CRM software.

  • Send massive emails to your clients, possible clients and suppliers database.
  • Increase the sales opportunities
  • Decrease the sales cycles
  • Increase the incomes
  • Track constantly the potential clients and increase the possibilities of closing a sale
  • Optimize the resources and time
  • Check perfectly the sales force scattered geographically.
  • Take better decisions
  • Know the performance of each executive
  • Create a precise sales forecast
  • Improve the daily work organization
  • Schedule meetings and calls, among other things.
  • Join the different means of contact with the client.
  • Increase the productivity of all work positions 
  • Improve the relationship with clients.

CRM strategy advantages

So, CRM software is a necessity for any organization. It is important to have this CRM tool integrated with your management software, and that this software be flexible to the necessities of your company.

If you are analyzing what kind of CRM you could use in your company, you have to remember that this will be a long-term investment. The solution that you choose has to be capable of helping you to increase your sales, improve customer service, and more.


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