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Demanding clients | Global competitors | Tight margins

The fast pace of an increasingly global and competitive world demands us an agile creation of projects and project management. The projects are not only increasing in number, but also in complexity, so we must work for clients that are more demanding in our response times and in the delivered quality jobs, and manage tight margins to offer a competitive price.

100% automated translation projects

Gespoint Autopilot totally automates the translation project management, from the quote to the invoice for the client:

The tasks that are automatically carried out by Gespoint Autopilot are the following:

  1. Automatic creation of multi-language quotes or projects, and sales rates application according to languages, job type, client, etc.
  2. Automatic selection of the best vendors for each task, considering:
    • Best price
    • Best rating
    • Usual vendors
    • Favorite vendors
  3. Quote´s delivery to the client
  4. Quote´s reminders sent to the client to accept the quote
  5. When the client accepts the quote, it automatically creates the pertinent project, and it notifies the project manager
  6. Automatic delivery of availability requests to all the selected vendors
  7. When the vendor accepts the job, it associates the vendor with the task, they automatically receive the necessary files to do the job, and it also creates and sends the purchase order automatically
  8. When the vendor finishes the job, it automatically creates the purchase delivery note and, if necessary, generates purchase orders for related jobs, depending on the workflow of the company
  9. When the job is finished and proofed, it automatically sends the target files and the invoice to the client.
  10. It automatically remembers periodically the invoices pending collection to the client

If you activate all these options with Gespoint Autopilot, the manual tasks involved in a project management are reduced to just two steps:

1 - Create the quote for the client

2 - Register the invoice as collected when the client pays it


The rest of the tasks are automatically carried out by Gespoint Autopilot, and it also reports the project manager in real time to supervise the project progress.

Automating a job is synonymous with productivity

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