Gespoint Translator management software prices

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You can simplify your business management with the main functions. The basic module of Gespoint Translator includes all the necessary things to manage your translation company, from the translation project management to its invoicing, receivables, and tax declaration.

Gespoint Translator license
Professional version
Business version

1 User concurrent with the modules of:

  • Base module
  • Projects module
  • Invoicing module
  • Treasury management module
  • Tax module (Spain only)
  • Outsourcing module (Business only)
9.80€ per month per user
23.29€ per month per user

The prices do not include IVA. Prices per user and month.

Differences between Professional and Business version

This is included in all the versions of the program: Database of clients, vendors, contacts, invoices, payments, receivables, translation quotes and projects management, rates per source-target languages, special prices of clients and vendors, CAT files import (Trados, MemoQ, Transit, Memsource, Wordbee...), lists and reports, electronic invoice (Spain), tax reports 303, 340, 347, 349, 130, 111, 115, 190, SII (Spain), Antifraud and GDPR fulfillment, payments and receivables control, business results, printed models (invoices, quotes, etc) in ES, EN, FR, DE, PT, IT, CA, EU, email delivery through Outlook or Thunderbird, automatic reminders, internal chat.


If you want to improve your business management, Gespoint Translator allows you to add optional advanced modules that will improve the productivity of your company.

Gespoint Translator license
Professional version
Business version
Accounting and advanced treasury management module
Quality module
Not available in this version
Multi-currency module
WEB-Intranet module
Not available in this version
CRM module
Outsourcing module
Included in this version


Gespoint software is installed on a server in the cloud, accessible from any device (computer, tablet, mobile) connected to the Internet. In this mode, it is not necessary to have any infrastructure (computers or servers) to start using the program. Gespoint installs the program, configures everything necessary and provides a user and password with which to access your server in the cloud from any computer (Windows, Mac or Android) with Internet access.

Access to the program is made using Microsoft® Remote Desktop technology, available for computers or devices with Windows, Mac OS and Android operating systems.

The Gespoint servers are 100% managed by the Gespoint technical staff, freeing your organization from the technical maintenance tasks of the server.

Gespoint Cloud Premium servers are hosted on the infrastructure of United Internet AG. United Internet is Europe's largest cloud services company, providing secure and resizable cloud computing capacity. The CPD data centers have the Tier III certification granted by the North American institution Uptime Institute, guaranteeing the highest level of availability.

United Internet CPDs comply with the most demanding security standards and compliance certifications, including ISO 50001, RGPD, ISO 27001, UNE-EN ISO 9001, SAP accreditations and the National Security Scheme (ENS).

- Adapted processors for high intensity workload

- High performance of hard drives

- Data centers in more than 245 countries in the world

- All the elements (hardware, software, and net) are prepared to ensure high availability

- Logical and physical security of data custody. - 24 hs constant monitory

- All the elements (hardware, software and network) are redundant to guarantee high availability

- Fulfillment of the european regulation about personal data protection and the required measures by the GDPR

- Quality certificate according to ISO 27001 and UNE-EN ISO 9001

- SSL certificate for safe access is included in the price

- Automatic daily backup for the entire server

- External users? connectivity at an ultra-high speed (10Gbps).

- The maintenance, settings and updated server support done by specialized technicians are included. The company does not have to worry about the backup, the antivirus, the updates, the firewalls, the user?s permission, the access control, etc


Gespoint Cloud service

Initial single payment per user that includes:

- Registration of the user in the Gestion Cloud servers and configuration of access permissions

- Installation of the contracted Gespoint program (purchase or rental)

- Installation of software package that includes:

  • Microsoft SQL Server standar edition
  • LibreOffice® office suite compatible with Microsoft® Office®
  • Mozilla® Thunderbird® email client
  • PDF Reader Adobe® Acrobat Reader
  • User's cloud file service configuration (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Configuring automated SQL backups

Monthly fee per user that includes:

- Access to the cloud server 24h 365d

- 5 Gb hard disk for files (expandable +10Gb for +2.5 € / month)

- Server maintenance. Automated SQL backups

- Unlimited technical support for issues related to the server or remote access


The prices do not include IVA. Prices per user and month.


The Gespoint software can also be installed on your own computer or server. You can consult in this link the minimum requirements necessary to install the program:

>> Minimum requirements Gespoint Translator

The installation of the program can be done by your own staff or technical service or you can contract the installation service from Gespoint so that Gespoint technicians, with your authorization, install the software on your computers.

Custom quote

Beyond the general price summary, we recommend that you request a personalized quote, taking into account the needs of your agency and without any commitment.

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