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Company: Bitez®, S.L.
Sector: Translation agency
City: Donostia / San Sebastián
Website: www.bitez.com

The company Bitez®

BiTEZ®puts an end once and for all to the headaches of managing multilingual content for organizations. BiTEZ® makes full use of current technological tools to manage language requirements. They promise fast, reasonably priced and quality service.

BiTEZ® is always close to its customers. They simply must get in touch with them to enjoy all the possibilities offered by today's telecommunications and cutting-edge technologies


Equipo agencia traducción Bitez
Equipo agencia traducción Bitez

The BiTEZ® Management Software Project

BiTEZ® relies on innovation, reinventing themselves, closing ties with their clients and partners and participating in I+D+I projects aimed at improving their current work tools, developing filters to make different editing formats compatible and deliver turnkey projects.

As a result of this philosophy, they decide to invest in an advanced and modern management tool, that provides better projects control and process management, aware that this will result in greater customer satisfaction and greater control and profitability.

Among various available options of the market, BITEZ® chooses to implement the software Gespoint Translator Business to improve their company contributing with the following benefits:

  • The program is designed especially for translation agencies, so all the usual tasks of this type of company are already contemplated.
  • It is a complete and integrated solution (ERP), which includes a project management module, facilitating the communicative and productive relationship with both clients, translators and professionals that the company has. This module is integrated in a way that the generated information automatically flows to the invoicing and accounting, drastically decreasing the necessary time for administrative and accounting tasks and avoiding inconsistencies.
  • The program is 100% customizable and adaptable to the specific requirements of each translation company, guaranteeing its complete adaptation to the peculiarities of each company

Sistema de gestión para agencias de traducción

The result is that now BiTEZ® enjoys a powerful business management system (ERP) that provides a solid management basis, control and analysis about how to face future expansion and growth projects.



Management director and founding partner of BiTEZ®

Gespoint Translator Business provide us with the agility, control and analytical capacity of our business, which we needed to keep growing.



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