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Company: Trayma Traducciones, S.L.
Sector: Translation agency
City: Alicante (Spain)
Website: www.trayma.com

The company Trayma Traducciones

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Trayma Translations was born more than 20 years ago in Alicante with the aim of helping companies and individuals to overcome language barriers in order to grow and access new markets through their translation and interpretation services. Led by professional translators, its goal is to be the outsourced translation and interpreting department for the companies with which it collaborates.

800 translators and interpreters in more than 40 different languages.

The Trayma Traducciones Management Software Project

Trayma Traducciones had implemented different management software designed for translation agencies such as XTRF and TMT. None of these solutions came to adapt completely to his way of working, so they finally decided to rely on the Gespoint Translator Business ERP that gives them the following benefits:

  • The program is designed especially for translation agencies, so all the usual tasks of this type of company are already contemplated.
  • It is a complete and integrated solution (ERP), which includes project management, relationship with collaborating translators, language rates, etc. and a complete document management, accounting control, commercial (CRM) and business analysis (Business intelligence).
  • The program is 100% customizable and adaptable to the specific requirements of each translation company, guaranteeing its complete adaptation to the peculiarities of each company

The result is that now Trayma Traducciones enjoys a powerful business management system (ERP) that greatly facilitates the management of each project, saving time by automating repetitive tasks and improving communication between agency members.


Verónica Gonzalez
Manager of “Trayma Traducciones”

With Gespoint Translator we finally have a system that adapts to our way of working. Now we work much better, comfortable and with fewer mistakes. Also, whatever thing we need to change in the program Gespoint respond to us quickly.



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